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Experiential art experiences

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Art is a way of life, it gives us the possibility of investigating multiple expressive facets that we do not know about ourselves. It is an extraordinary vehicle to collectively venture into the unfolding of stories that are directly related to lived experiences: games, memory, and movement are some of the topics to be developed.

Together with José Luis Landet, renowned visual artist, and Juan Manuel Wolcoff we created these programs that can be customized according to the needs of each company.

This workshop, whose thematic focus is an art as a form of derivative thought, is intended for all those who wish to expand and experience individual potential in a collective environment.

It proposes a space for thinking around nature by developing expanded drawing exercises with the incorporation of some theatrical dynamics such as improvisation that seek to unblock certain negative aspects that threaten the creativity of each person. In addition to providing tools to improve group work stimulating interaction.

From the three basic premises that are: acceptance, group play (or adaptation) and listening, various playful activities are going to be deployed, that aim at understanding and fluency in working with others and with oneself.

Duration: 2 days | 1 night.

Price to be confirmed, according to a selected destination.


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All about the Experiential art experiences.

Travel dates: all year round

Blackout dates: none


  • Remember the capacity of the collective game. Intensify concepts that help us share ideas
  • Collectively project possible worlds.
  • Learning (and making your own) creative means not linked to the sentence: “I can’t”, “because I don’t know” or “I’m very bad at drawing”, among others.
  • The importance of “being present” and being able to express what happens to us


The objectives to be achieved in the workshop are that the participants go through, experiment, and understand three basic axes for improvisation, which allow greater fluidity when acting, creating, and connecting.

Listening and quick response: these training seek to improve quick response, concentration, and immediate listening. Rapid response to a stimulus, activated by the body long before the mind, gives the understanding that thoughts act as a judge and stop the flow of ideas and/or responses.

Free associations and creation of stories: These activities seek to broaden the creative spectrum by accentuating and understanding the idea that we are a constant power of images and associations. Thoughts generally try to retain that continuous production of associations/ideas, that the unconscious provokes.

Confidence: Confidence training is essential for a group and individual work. Trust must be generated both in the group and in oneself so that the work deepens in its entirety. These exercises seek to explore our own limitations and face fear, which appears in simple situations, putting the body and mind on the alarm, blocking the activity. With these activities it is sought that the person goes through the process of understanding their creativity, losing fear, and advancing to a new stage of greater confidence. These actions aim to unlock that unconsciousness so that it can release the associations that are generated and produce possibilities for stories and/or speeches that are richer in their content. This workshop combines different approaches to recognize and work through internal obstacles, acquiring new tools and approaches and/or perspectives when creating individually or in groups.

The workshop is divided into two modules

Module I: It consists of improvisation exercises based on three premises: acceptance, listening, and group play. The playful practice seeks to unblock sociocultural negations by deploying the unconscious so that subsequent critical analysis becomes more productive. 

Module II: Getting lost

Proposes reflection on the participant’s daily journey, in relation to the landscape. The concepts are worked on:

1- Wandering / getting lost (Situationist term).

2- Materials/encounter in the environment (Land Art term).

3- Construction of your own map and a collective one.

4- Identity/nature and artifice


Duration: 2 days | 1 night.

Destination selected for the program: it will depend on the choice of the company. It is suggested to opt for a site that allows you to coexist with the landscape, flora and fauna, while experiencing the workshops where you will acquire the facilitating tools for personal and group development. Destination options will be provided based on the place of origin, time of transfers according to the development of the program

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Accommodation: One night on a double or triple or individual basis.
  • Gastronomy: Full board with nutritious menus, homemade, and specialties of the area.
  • Activities: 6 hours of workshops per meeting with two professionals.
  • Material: Photographic coverage, video editing.
  • Insurances Personal accident insurance and medical emergency service
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Air transportation (national and international), or buses to the selected destination (optional).
  • Personal extras

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