Strengthening work teams

We offer the best living experiences and personalized workshops to satisfy both the expectations of the companies and their teams.

Our enthusiastic team is always motivated to bring value proposals closer,  and advises and accompanies companies in the design of the circuit, activity, or corporate program they wish to carry out.

Our corporate trips are full-service so that executives can enjoy the planned activities at all times without having to deal with the dynamics, routine, appointments, transfers, or other setbacks that arise during the tour.

A study carried out as a result of the global health crisis that caused Covid-19 ensures that most companies are betting on sustainable travel when scheduling their next corporate trip. This is not a novelty for MATER Sustentable, which from its origins proposes genuine travel options in Argentina and Latin America, articulating initiatives such as ViajaRSE and Networked Tourism & Volunteering (Turismo en Red & Voluntariado) that not only provide value, opportunities, and tools, based on sustainability, but also leave an indelible mark on travelers and the community.