Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

When booking a trip with Mater Sustentable EVT, (materialized and confirmed by the traveler’s payment) a travel contract is formed.

It is governed under certain conditions that are detailed below.

For all cancellations, the following cancellation conditions apply (subject to mandatory legal provision).

Returns or refunds in case of travel withdrawal for reasons inherent to the passenger will govern the following penalties unless the provider determines other conditions regarding the specially contracted service, which will be informed when contracting:

  • Up to 60 days before departure: no cancellation fees
  • Between 59 and 45 calendar days from the date of initiation of services: a penalty of 30% of the total purchase amount will be charged.
  • Between 44 and 30 calendar days from the date of initiation of services: a penalty of 50% of the total purchase amount will be charged.
  • Between 29 and 15 calendar days from the date of initiation of services: a penalty of 75% of the total purchase amount will be charged.
  • Between 14 days or less before the date of initiation of services: a penalty of 100% of the total purchase amount will be charged.

In all cases in which reimbursements have to be made, the agency may retain the price of the expenses incurred plus a commission of ten percent of the services contracted with third parties, cfr. Article 21 Decree 2182/72. The deadlines for cancellations will begin to run from the moment this company receives reliable notice of the trip cancellation communication. The sums that result from the application of penalties for cancellations in any circumstance or any payment in advance for registration to a tour or circuit will not be refundable, they will not be compensated or applied to subsequent contracts.



In the case of the sale of air tickets, the rules of the Air Transport Contract inexorably govern and, especially the conditions established by each airline in the fare base acquired by the passenger, taking into consideration that it is always quoted on the basis of the lowest rate with restrictions. MATER Sustentable agency is NOT responsible for airline policies. At the time of quote, the site and / or the sales executive will show, display and offer the cheapest rate available at the time of the quote. These rates, in general, do not allow changes or refunds and, at the sole discretion of the airline, could allow changes with penalties and / or rate differences or refunds with penalties that do not depend on the will of this company. As of 2020, by virtue of having created promotional rates called “superflex” or similar, the passenger acknowledges that they acquire said promotional rate with the conditions and limitations established by the carrier or operator or the service provider.

Passengers who during the trip voluntarily desist from using any / one of the contracted services, will not have the right to demand a refund of any sum, or compensation for the services voluntarily abandoned.

These penalties govern without prejudice to those established by the operator and / or service provider in their General Conditions and those that are reported in the case of services with penalties other than those stated. The sums that result from the application of penalties for cancellations in any circumstance or the amounts given as a reservation will not be refundable and will not be compensated or applied to subsequent contracts.



The providers reserve the right, for technical, operational and / or force majeure reasons -even for epidemic or pandemic causes and sanitary and migratory measures of the different countries in which the tourist service is developed- to totally or partially alter the daily ordering and / or services that make up the tour, before or during its execution.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the stipulated hotels may be exchanged for another of the same or higher category within the same urban nucleus at no charge to the passenger. Regarding these variations, as long as they are made for reasons of better comfort, service and / or force majeure, the passenger will not be entitled to any compensation.

Once the trip has begun, the suspension, modification or interruption of services by the passenger for personal reasons of any kind, will not give rise to any claim, refund or refund. The interruption of services for reasons attributable to the passenger carries costs.

In all cases, the travel agency undertakes to provide technical assistance so that the passenger can continue their trip in the best possible conditions according to its scope. The passenger must assume the costs for early return, according to the penalties charged by the airlines.



1) Payments before the definitive confirmation of the services by the Agency are for a reservation on account of a larger amount. The final confirmation of the services and respective final prices will occur with the total cancellation of the agreed price, the issuance of tickets and / or service orders (vouchers) and the issuance of the corresponding billing. 2) The price and / or reservation of the services that make up the tour or the individual services required are subject to changes without prior notice when there is an alteration in the services, changes in costs or in the expected exchange rates, for reasons not attributable to the parties. 3) Credit operations must satisfy the requirements set for them. The interested party must complete the payment of the price and the balances in the terms and conditions established in the contract with the banking / credit entities that finance them.

The Agency is in charge of the professional information of all the products and services that it sells, also the details of the trip and requirements regarding the personal documentation of the passengers to enter or transit in the chosen destination outside of Argentina and the requirements related to visas and other immigration procedures. s. 5) The prices of the services will be in foreign currency when they are provided abroad (cfr. Res. 7/2002), as well as flights by block off or quota and / or charters. Payments will be received in pesos at the exchange rate in effect on the payday schedule, and will be deducted as a payment on account of the total quoted in foreign currency. The balance will be paid in pesos at the current price on the day of its effective accreditation in the accounts reported by this company. In the event that the passenger chooses to pay in foreign currency, in the event of withdrawal or cancellation of services, refunds will be in legal tender (cf. Art. 765 CCyCN). 6) Passengers who pay in cash will be subject to the provisions of Res. 3825/2015 AFIP and those that may be dictated in this regard in the future. Those who pay services that are provided abroad, are aware of the exchange restrictions due to government measures outside of this company. The rules set forth in General Res. AFIP 4815, regarding tax receipts, must be followed.

The fact of making the payment of the registration fee or the reservation of the trip, implies on the part, both the agency and the passengers, full knowledge and total compliance with these General Conditions.

All the services offered are subject to the modalities, cancellation and / or refund conditions established by tour operators, airlines and, fundamentally, the health provisions established by the government and / or immigration authorities of each of the destinations, be they interiors or on trips abroad, all of this informed in detail prior to purchase in each particular offer.

It is part of the terms of this contract that the offer is subject to the corresponding national and / or foreign governmental and / or health authorizations in force on the date of the start or end of the trip / stay. The airlines / shipping companies and other providers linked to your trip may have protocols that must necessarily be observed by passengers, who will be informed prior to the start of their trip / stay. The passenger must be attentive to the dynamic information of the authorities of the different destination countries of his trip.