Terms and Conditions

By virtue of the special regulations established by the National Direction of Migration, all passengers must complete the affidavit that they must download from the following link: http://ddjj.migraciones.gob.ar/app


All requested services will be ruled by the conditions detailed below:
1) The estimated price at the time of the request for services and / or reservation thereof are subject to change without notice when a change occurs in the services, and / or changes in the costs and / or variations on the exchange rates.
2) All amounts paid prior to final confirmation of services are perceived as reservation and in no case means confirmation of the requested services, or the price thereof. The final confirmation of services and their final prices will occur by paying the final balance, issuing tickets and / or vouchers for services, etc. and billing.
3) A minimum of 80% of the estimated price should be completed before the eight days of the date of departure. Otherwise, the Company shall reserve the right to cancel the request for services without prior notice, by the applicant as detailed in the Cancellation clause. All services must be paid in full before they start.
4) Credit operations must meet the requirements set for them. Failing the applicant must complete payment of the balances in the terms and conditions set forth in the preceding paragraphs.
5) Airfares: all flights and their rates are subject to the special conditions of the fare and airline.
The services that are expressly specified in each itinerary. In cases where transportation is included, it is provided according to the schedule and the means chosen. Scheduled flights for aerial tours can be operated in liner, special flights, charters and scheduled or not according to the locations with or without stops and / or connections. Accommodation at the hotels mentioned in the itinerary or other equally or more category, occupying single, double, triple, etc. Accordingly to the chosen fare, service might be with private bathroom and taxes included. The categories of hotels that are included in the itinerary, are awarded by the official tourism authorities of the country where those are and its execution and control is administrative. The Company assumes no responsibility for the criteria governing the control and execution. If hired Triple room, the client acknowledges being informed that in most hotels, the triples do not exist as such, but is a double room with additional bed and even in some cases their conditions comfort are smaller than doubles. The limitations of space or comfort that this type of accommodation might involve are accepted by customers, hotel and exempting the Company from any responsibility. Meals as indicated at every opportunity. Visits and excursions mentioned. Transfers to and from airports, terminals and hotels, where noted. The number of days of accommodation considering on hotel accommodation is computed from fifteen hours and ends at ten o’clock (or twelve hours) the next day, regardless of time of arrival and departure and the use whole or fractional thereof. The duration of the tour will be indicated in each case taking the first day, and as a last output included the departure destination, regardless of the time of departure or arrival on the first day or the last.
1) Extras, drinks, laundry, tips, airport taxes, taxes on services, VAT and other current and / or future taxes, any expenses of personal nature, excess baggage, telephone calls, visa fees, optional tours contained in the various itineraries, taxes and / or customs duties and / or migration or any service not expressly indicated.
2) Stays, meals and / or additional expenses or damages resulting from cancellations, delays in departures or arrivals of transportation, or outside the company unforeseen reasons.
3) Feeding route, except those expressly included in the programs.
4) The costs and interest on credit transactions.
5) Fees for reserve management.
The Company reserves the right to leave the tour at any point thereof, using public force if necessary, one passenger whose conduct, mode of action, health or other serious reasons the judgment of the Company cause danger or inconvenience to other passengers or may spoil the success of the tour or the normal development of the same, no refund for unused services remaining.
For foreign travel is necessary to address the law in each case and the applicant should consult properly. It is inexcusable responsibility of the Company and reliably informed well in advance about the conditions requiring immigration, customs and health authorities of the destinations included on the tour and our country. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to have personal documentation required by the authorities mentioned above. Accordingly, the Company disclaims any responsibility for the processing and documentation of effective passenger and drawbacks that could cause such suffering the same, be in charge expenses that apply for delays or abandonment of the tour motivated by missing or deficient the necessary documentation.

Cancellations and modifications: All cancellations and modifications must be made in writing. In all cases, the agency may charge you a percentage of the total service to cover the costs of cancellation and modification (with the exception of special dates * such as Christmas, Carnival or New Year):  

  • More than 60 days before the start of the services: NO cancellation and modification fees
  • From 60 to 31 days: cancellation and modification fees of 30% of the total billed services.
  • From 30 to 10 days: cancellation and modification fees amount to 50% of the total billed services.
  • Less than 9 days before the start of the services: cancellation and modification fees amount to 100% of the services

In all of the above cases, domestic flights will not be reimbursed.

* Special dates:

  • More than 90 days before the start of the services: NO cancellation and modification fees
  • From 90 to 61 days: cancellation and modification fees amount to 50% of the total billed services.
  • From 60 to 31 days: cancellation and modification fees amount to 75% of the total billed services.
  • Less than 30 days before the start of the services: cancellation and modification fees amount to 100% of the services

 In all of the above cases, domestic flights will not be reimbursed.

At the time of booking flights, all passengers must pay all non-scheduled service or charter transportation plus an advance payment for land services. In the event of cancellation by the passenger, whatever the reasons, rules stipulated in the preceding paragraph. Nonetheless, in these cases the passenger will forfeit the entire amount paid in respect of non-scheduled or charter transportation and only the ratio of the price of land services (hotels, pension, hiking) as determined by the organizer will be refunded according to the operating mode with providers of services. For this clause to be valid must be determined in the first document given to passenger transport quality.
All claims for refunds must be submitted in writing to the Agency within 30 days after completion of tour.
The tourism services contract may be assigned or transferred to other people until 30 days before the departure date, it must be reported to the Company reliably. Will be accepted by the Company when not precluded by the requirements of the carrier, the hotel or the service provider. In the cases that passengers are different ages (over-under), the price is adjusted according to tariff. In all cases of assignment or transfer, the Company may levy a surcharge of 10% of the agreed amount.
MATER SUSTENTABLE (EVT Legajo 17319) expressly states that it acts in the nature of an intermediary in booking or hiring various services related and included in the respective tour or service reservation: hotels, restaurants, transportation or other providers. Accordingly, the Company disclaims all liability for deficiencies in providing any of these services, as well as for damages or injury suffered by passengers in people and goods whatever the cause giving rise to them, delays, cancellations or irregularities that might occur during the execution of services to persons making the trip through them and deteriorating, lost or stolen luggage and other objects of your property, as this responsibility is solely the responsibility of the respective service providers. Nevertheless, the responsibilities of the Company, is to intervene as organizer or intermediary, will be determined under the provisions contained in the International Convention Relating to Travel Contract approved by Law No. 19,918. The Company is not responsible for any act of the customer, made ​from a third party which should not respond or events that occur by accident or force majeure, climatic phenomena or facts of nature and other events that may occur beyond the control thereof, occurring before or during the tour that prevent, delay or otherwise impede the full or partial implementation of organized and / or reserved by the Company benefits in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. Transport companies are not responsible for any act, omission or irregularity when passengers are not aboard their units. The contract of carriage (ticket) in use of the transport companies involved in the development of our programs, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between them and the purchaser of the tour and / or passenger. The Company also assumes no responsibility for delays or cancellations advances occurring by the transportation companies or for any damage caused to the passenger in the period in which the transportation company takes over the transfer of the traveller.
1) The Company reserves the right (for technical and operational reasons, programming or for better development) to postpone a particular output or alter all or part of the daily ordering and / or services that make up the tour, before or during the execution.
2) If the trip had to continue beyond the time fixed for reasons not attributable to the Company, it expressly disclaims responsibility to continue providing hotel accommodation provided, with the expenses incurred by the passenger.
3) Unless expressly provided otherwise, the stipulated hotels can be exchanged for another of equal or higher category at no charge to the passenger. For these variations, the passenger will not be entitled to any compensation.
4) The Company may cancel any tour if any of the circumstances set forth in article number 24 of Decree 2182/72. In this case the company is only obliged to refund the amounts collected as of the cancellation without passenger’s right to compensation.
5) Once travel has commenced, suspension, modification or discontinuance of services by the traveller for personal reasons of any kind, sickness, death, etc. will not give rise to any claim or refund any returns, running, in these cases, the costs of return for its own account.
Any dispute arising on the occasion of the celebration, compliance, noncompliance, extension or termination of this agreement you will be referred by the parties to the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Argentina Association of Travel and Tourism and / or arbitral tribunals that work in its regional. In case of submission of such jurisdiction, the contractors are held and considered accepted all the conditions laid down by the Rules of the Arbitration Tribunal.
This contract and if the provision of services shall be governed by these general conditions, Law No. 18,829 and its regulations and by the Brussels Convention approved by Law 19.918. These terms and conditions together with the other documents to be delivered to passengers shape the Travel Contract in the said Convention.
When purchasing one of our services, it is automatically assumed that the client is notified and accepts all these terms, the Company communicates detailed and clearly. If you disagree with any of the foregoing Terms, interested parties may withdraw without charge within 24 hours the submission of the registration application. After this interval the application for registration shall be deemed final, involving the acceptance by stakeholders of the full implementation of the General Conditions, specific to each tour or reservation service and the characteristics of the transport companies involved. It ́s valid for interested and / or intermediaries.
For any disagreement that may arise, the matter shall be referred to the jurisdiction of the tribunals based in the city of Buenos Aires, waiving any other jurisdiction.
All claims on an alleged breach of duty by a Travel Agency, should be addressed to ” Dirección Nacional de Gestión de Calidad Turísitica” (the Touristic Quality Management National Bureau” under the Secretary of Tourism of Argentina, located in 1109 Suipacha St. 7th Floor, (1008) Buenos Aires, Argentina.
MATER SUSTENTABLE – Legajo N° 17319 – Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation.