Mater was born of a dream: to use tourism as a tool to honor local culture and protect the environment.

We work since 2013, receiving people from all over the world who want to know Argentina in a responsible way and taking a much deeper experience than a static photo.

Our principles

  • In every possible destination we choose hotels with sustainable policy (make adequate treatment of its waste, reduce the environmental impact and allocate funds for the care of the environment).
  • Whenever a good option (safe / friendly) we offer family home accommodation. Weighting the authentic exchange with the people of the place.
  • Whenever possible our itineraries include visits to reservations, original communities, cultural spaces and memorials.

We encourage you to know and live on sustainability.

Our Team

Virginia Landetcheverry | Co Founder, Operations Manager

Passionate, tireless traveler, seeker of perfection. Virginia is a researcher, speaker and tourism teacher, specializing in sustainability and public policies.

An engine of ideas, Virginia does not stop creating. Always with sustainability as a flag, all her projects have a trace of responsibility with the environment and community. You can see her full profile here. 

Hervé Landetcheverry | Co Founder, Sales Manager

Adventurer at heart, Hervé is a globaltrotter. From India to Patagonia, he has always been involved in voluntary projects. Hervé has traveled the world always seeking to make it a better and fairer place for everyone.

Today, the main responsible for travel design in Mater, Hervé designs unique local experiences. He also works as a teacher and researcher in tourism. His full profile here.