Travel to Argentina: Requirements | Vaccines

If you are planning to travel to Argentina, as well as thinking about the destination, transport and accommodation, we suggest you plan in advance a medical consultation with a specialist to advise you on your vaccination history, requirements and recommendations according to the destinations you visit.

To enter the country, no vaccination certificate is required, except for cholera and yellow fever for passengers coming from countries where these diseases are endemic.

There are some recommendations to keep in mind, mainly if you are going to visit certain risk areas of the Northwest and North of Argentina: Misiones (Iguazú Falls), Formosa, Corrientes, Chaco, Salta and Jujuy.

According to the international vaccination centers it is important to have the same vaccines up to date as to visit any other country in the world and South America:

  • Yellow fever: A disease caused by a virus, which is transmitted through the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, mainly in tropical regions. It is key to get vaccinated at least 10 days before traveling, and once vaccinated, it is considered valid for life.
  • Cholera: Not required in case of doing only a tourist route, it is recommended for those who plan to visit rural areas.
  • Tetanus: It is also included in the basic vaccines that are usually provided in a common way. This disease is usually spread through cuts or oxidized material.
  • Hepatitis A: It is present in the common vaccination calendar of the vast majority of countries. This disease is contracted through water and food in poor condition.
  • Hepatitis B: It is an infectious disease of the liver, transmitted by coming into contact with contaminated blood or through the exchange of other bodily fluids.
  • Triple Viral or Triple Viral (SPR and SRP): Provides immunization against measles, rubella and mumps.
  • Rabies: There are stray dogs in South America that are carriers of this disease, although to a lesser extent than in Southeast Asia.

Other diseases: Malaria/Paludismo

In some rural areas of Argentina, such as in the north of Salta (departments of San Martín and Orán) there is the possibility of contracting malaria or paludismo, a disease transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes. There are tablets to prevent it, but it is essential to consult a specialist beforehand as it presents contraindications.

More recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Use insect repellent and renew the application every 2 hours.
  • Wear clothing that covers the largest surface of the body.
  • Spraying the mosquito nets with repellent.
  • Although water is usually potable, there are some areas where it may not be. We recommend to consult previously and opt for bottled mineral water, in case of drinking water from the place, gradually get accustomed.
  • Use sun protection (SPF 30 or greater) for high UV radiation rates.
  • Perform a dental consultation to avoid future complications.
  • Hire a health insurance to cover assistance to any illness or accident in the event of any eventuality.