At MATER Sustentable we believe that the best way to contribute to creating a better, fairer, more committed and sustainable world is by networking, weaving solid and lasting bonds.

In this area, we encourage and strengthen social commitment through voluntary work. What mobilizes us? The desire to change, our values, our passion for sustainability, social inclusion and the causes that go beyond a mere act of charity.


We want to amplify tourism as a tool to link organizations in order to generate an improvement of humanity’s quality of life, to impact positively in different areas such as education, health and inclusion, among others.

We are a bridge that facilitates ties between companies, their collaborators and social organizations seeking to contribute to the SDGs by incorporating inclusive and participatory values.


We articulate NGOs, the public sector, companies, cooperatives and universities, among other actors in the territory, which favors the integration of the people from each community.


What do we offer?


  • Collaborative programs through CSR policies and local organizations.
  • Articulation of volunteer projects.
  • Promotion of Triple Impact actions.
  • Design of programs that are adapted to sociocultural needs and realities.


How do we do it?

Our Network Tourism and Corporate Volunteering proposals offer various alternatives created according to the requirements and needs of each firm and its collaborators, who are mostly part of Generation C: tourism consumers in the 21st century, involved in social and environmental axes. They contribute, share and enjoy the encounter with the other, so they value the benefits of participating in this type of experience.


Who is it aimed at?

To all those organizations, SMEs or companies that have the initiative, value and promote volunteer opportunities in their teams.


Companies that want:


  • Link with organizations within the framework of CSR by contributing to projects such as donations, training, or any other action for an NGO, Foundation, or Cooperative that needs it. We design the strategy and propose an activity framed within the corporate social work, accompanying the commitment to achieve the established objectives.


  • That their collaborators participate in corporate volunteering tasks. They may or may not be included in the CSR strategy. It is a concrete action planned jointly (between the participants and MATER Sustentable) guaranteeing long-term results. These programs can vary in duration (one or more days).


MATER Sustentable offers coordination with business entities, logistics services, transportation, accommodation, meals and the presence of a professional in charge throughout the project.


Exchanges and possible cooperation for your company:

  • Sustainability
  • Education
  • Trade workshops
  • Languages
  • Environmental awareness/education
  • Health
  • Gender equality
  • Inclusion / Accessibility
  • Food sovereignty
  • Fair Trade


Volunteer trips and programs are an enriching experience for any professional both personally and professionally. If you are interested in knowing more about these proposals or to quote a volunteering program, click here.