Sustainable Travel

Distinguished by the Travelife certification in 2014, at MATER Sustentable we have demonstrated that the sustainable practices that we promote, comply with the strict standards of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, in addition to contributing to the achievement of the goals established by 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We actively collaborate with non-governmental organizations, institutions, social groups and community-based programs that guarantee to continue promoting the values ​that form our identity as a company.

We contract those products and services developed according to fair ethical practices.

We prioritize the enterprises, accommodations, or services committed to minimizing the environmental impact, those who apply social economy policies, and protect indigenous cultural traditions.

Today’s travelers seek sustainable tourism, also called responsible tourism, as they are individuals with a greater green conscience who wish to mitigate possible negative impacts on the local environment and culture while contributing to generating income and genuine employment in the site or community that welcomes them with open arms.