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Experiential Corporate Workshop: feel to learn

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A program to achieve a balance between recreation and training on a professional and personal level (techniques and soft skills).

Three days, two nights, to share from the values of sustainability, an enriching experience on a personal level, which will show the results in productivity and in the work environment

The thematic focus of this program is leadership. It is intended for company or area leaders within a company.

Duration: 3 days | 2 nights.

Destination selected for the program: Córdoba

Price to be confirmed, according to the specific program for each company

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  1. Day 1 Welcome

    Arrival at mid-morning, reception with typical breakfast (homemade bread and jams, infusions, juices, and fruits).

    Presentation of all the people who will take part in the program, from the owners of the accommodation, their employees, to all the coordinators of activities, as well as each of the members of the group, that is. . .you!

    There will be a game to ”break the ice”, a tour of the place, and lunch.

    At 2:00 p.m. the first part of the leadership activity begins. 

    At 5:00 p.m. snack.

    At 6:00 p.m., walk to appreciate the sunset.

    Upon return, there will be free time to rest and then have dinner.

    This day will be mainly to connect with the environment, get to know or recognize oneself with the other members in this new area and recover energy after the trip

  2. Day 2 Relax and Work

    The day will start with a hearty typical breakfast (weather permitting, in the hotel’s gardens with a view of the mountains).

    You will begin, later on,  a Mindfulness activity, to promote mindfulness and connection with others and oneself. 

    About 40 minutes will be enough to start a technical training for leaders through a methodology created by the facilitator, called ”SPA: Feel, Think, Act”, based on a collaborative, innovative, and conversational modality. In this case, the activity is also planned after conversations between the facilitator and the person who hires the service to define objectives.

    The estimated duration is 3 hours, and a joint closing with the soft skills facilitator.

    At the end of this activity, lunch will be served, there will be a short time to rest and resume the soft skills activity (it can be in the accommodation or in the vineyard). It will end with a snack time integrating both activities.

    Return to the accommodation. 

  3. Day 3 Horseback ride and end of activities

    It will be the last day to enjoy together. 

    After enjoying breakfast it is proposed to do a simple practice of yoga outdoors, and afterward, a horseback ride will be done through different landscapes. An enjoyable tour that will allow a nice connection with the horse and appreciate nature from another point of view.

    This day will no longer be for work but to ”settle” what was learned and share the last lunch.

    Close with an emotional video that will recapitulate everything lived, together with a message co-created with those responsible for the meeting, to reinforce the desired concepts.

    End of our services

All about the Experiential Corporate Workshop: feel to learn.

Travel dates: all year round

Blackout dates: none


  • Recognize personal situations in which stress gained space and led to tensions in the work environment.
  • Heal emotional wounds (personal and group) to give rise to the expansion of talents and virtues.
  • Learn and train technical skills inherent to a good leader.
  • Have fun, connect with nature and reconnect with the “inner self”


An activity whose theme will be “Leadership of oneself and with others” or “The bases of self-leadership and team leadership.” Knowledge will be provided on how to concretely apply what Goleman calls “the resounding leader.” That is the leader who leaves a mark on his teams and thereby optimizes results.

We will see how what is known as the 4 premises of the unconscious, of which Carl Jung spoke among others, are applied in a practical way. In this way, we will achieve that participants can understand how an image of reality is generated in the individual. We will do this in a totally playful and fun way, so you will be able to understand it without any inconvenience.

At the same time, the hierarchical orders will be treated, using the principles of Bert Hellinger, creator of the tool “Systemic Family Constellations”. This ninety-three-year-old German developed this discipline 40 years ago and assigned, within it, what he later called “The orders of love”. These are basic and universal principles that apply in the relationship of the subjects and that always, in one way or another, make themselves present or claim their space where there is an integration of people.

This tool, which is based on Gestalt psychology, NLP, and discoveries in quantum physics, among other various components, is being applied with great success in companies to harmonize workspaces by improving the relationship between all members.

Another activity that we will develop, keeping in tune with the understanding of our own leadership and how it impacts others, is a game of assigning and exchanging roles. With this, the participants will be able to integrate into their personal experience how the image of the observer varies according to the place, function, and decision of the other, depending on how they are looking at the situation. 

For this, we will add the principles of Ontological Coaching, using the distinctions regarding the observer, established by Rafael Echeverría in his book “The Ontology of Language”. From the work carried out, those present will later have notes to consult and continue searching for reference material.

It is worth clarifying that this is a general proposal that the facilitator will define with whoever hires the service, through previous conversations, thus achieving planning adjusted to their needs, objectives, expectations, and characteristics of the group.

Duration: 3 days | 2 nights.

Destination selected for the program: Córdoba


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Two nights of accommodation on a double or triple individual basis, at Hostería Reydon B&B (La Cumbre), Casa Shanti (Villa Giardino), or similar.
  •  3 country breakfasts (homemade bread and sweets, infusions, fruits, natural juice and
  • sweet doughs).
  • 2 snacks (1 in accommodation, 1 in Viñedo Nébula)
  • 2 lunches and 2 dinners, balancing nutritious menus, local specialties, abundant and homemade. One of the nights there will be roast meats.
  • 9 hours of workshops with professionals.
  • The practice of yoga with elements and Mindfulness (in charge of specialists in the subject respectively).
  • Horseback riding.
  • Photographic coverage and editing of 1 short video.
  • Complete equipment for video projection.
  • Personal Accident Insurance and Emergency Medical Service
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Air transportation (national and international), or buses to Cordoba (optional).
  • Personal extras



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