Salta private tour

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A trip to explore Salta, northern Argentina, in 4 days. An immersion in the traditions of the original peoples, their culture, their history and their colorful landscapes. You will discover the local life, staying at a family home in an Andean rural community, while traveling through the beautiful landscapes of Salta.

Duration: 4 days.

The price is per person in double base and in American dollars.

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  1. Day 1 Arrival to Salta

    Arrival in Salta and private transfer to your hotel. Free evening to discover the city. We suggest you to spend the evening in one of the many ”peñas” (traditional tavern) that Salta has. We can give you recommendations to spend and unforgettable evening.

  2. Day 2 From Salta to Cachi via the Cactus National Park
    Your driver (English speaking) picks you up at the hotel to take you to the north-west trails, towards Cachi. You will cross the Los Cardones National Park, passing by the so called ”Inca Trail”, the Recta Tin Tin, name given to a perfectly straight stretch of the road of Route 33, which runs for 18 km through the cactus of Los Cardones National Park. The name of this route dates from the peak of the Inca between 1480 and 1535 and was then part of the Inca Trail that ran along the Andes from Ecuador to Argentina. You will probably see lamas spinning between cactus across the Andean plateau. 
    Arrival to Cachi to discover this splendid small town of colonial inheritance, with low houses tinged with white lime.  
    Private tour with English speaking driver-guide.  
  3. Day 3 Andean Rural Community: Sharing and Discovering
    From Cachi, the famous Route 40 runs along the Calchaquí River south to Seclantás. From there a gravel road will take us to the town of Brealito, where we will meet an Andean rural community. 
    You will learn about local traditions and participate in weaving, ceramics, viticulture, paprika and other spices. A real immersion in this respectable and warm community. 
    After a lunch shared with your hosts, you will be able to walk in the hills along the irrigation channels guided by the inhabitants, in order to make the most of the surrounding nature from the most beautiful views. 
    Accommodation in family houses (homestay), private rooms with shared facilities.
    Private tour with English speaking driver-guide.  
    Note: Activity to be confirmed according to the schedule of the local family. 
  4. Day 4 Return to Salta
    Today you will return to Salta city, to continue your trip in the Northern region or fly to another destination.  
    Private tour with English speaking driver-guide. 
All about the Salta private tour.

In this trip you will discover Northern Argentina’s charms: Salta and it’s amazing landscapes. You’ll visit Los Cardones National Park and propably see lamas walking between the cactus. 

Once you arrive at Cachi, you will discover this amazing town with small houses and an important colonial heritage.

From Cachi, you’ll take the well known Route 40, which passes by the Calchaquí river and goes south all the way to Seclantás. From here, a  gravel path will lead us to the small town Brealito, where we will meet an Andean rural community. Here, you’ll get to know this community’s traditions and share activities such as knitting, making pottery and practicing viticulture. You’ll spend the night at a family home.

This trip ends when you return to Salta (city), to continue your trip through Northern Argentina or to fly to any other destination.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
2 nights accommodation in a double room (standard hotels)  
1 night accommodation (homestay) in the rural community of Brealito (private room with shared facilities)  
Breakfasts included in all hotels.  
All meals at the rural tourism program in Salta.  
Private transportation from day 2 to day 4 (4×4 vehicle with English speaking driver-guide) Other languages subject to availability.  
Airport transfers in Salta by private car.  
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
Meals (except when mentioned) and additional staff. 
Air transport (national and international), optional. 
Excursions indicated as optional. 
Local hotels, family homes and unique properties

At Mater we know that accommodation is much more than a place to sleep. It is an opportunity to experience the local culture. Because of this, our itineraries are designed to stay in local hotels and, whenever possible, have an experience in the family home.

The published price is in standard hotels, but we have options in superior and luxury category hotels. We work with inns, rooms, and charming hotels.

At Mater we always search for alternative activities to those usually chosen by large groups of tourists so that you can have more intimate and authentic experiences, without missing out on the most emblematic places in Argentina.

In this tour you’ll have the chance to get close and learn about the local culture while seeing the amazing landscapes the North of Argentina has to offer. You’ll be able to stay at a family house in an Andean rural community. This is how you will get a close look on their traditions and share the activities in which the community members are involved daily. You’ll have a local bilingual guide, with vast knowledge of the culture and routes taken in the tour.

On top of our general sustainability policies (see here), there are some specific sustainable actions we take in this particular tour.

This tour, on the one hand, decentralizes tourism by visiting places that are not in Salta’s classic circuit, giving smaller communities that aren’t frequently visited by international groups of tourists and have a great cultural value an opportunity to work and develop independently.

We also give our travellers the chance to have direct and genuine contact with the local culture, accompanied by a local guide, promoting reciprocal cultural exchange. In this tour you’ll actively participate in several activities in the community, such as knitting, making ceramic pieces, preparing typical meals, and more.

We suggest that you take this tour between March and November, given that it’s a dryer and coolest weather. Due to altitude temperatures can vary a lot during the same day, with rather high temperatures during the day and lower ones at night. The rainy season here is from December to February, which is why it’s not convenient to visit the area during those months.

In the city of Salta, located in a valley, the average temperature in winter is 10ºC (50ºF) and in the summer 20ºC (68ºF), with rains between December and February. In the rest of the province temperatures vary according to altitude. For example, in the Puna region there is a big thermal amplitude, with cold mornings and nights and nicer temperatures during the day. In Cachi and Cafayate the weather is warm in the summer with an average temperature of 28ºC (82ºF), long days and cooler nights. During the winter the daytime average temperature drops to 15ºC (59ºF).
In the Quebrada de Humahuaca, the average temperature during the summer is 23ºC (73.4ºF) and in winter 16ºC (60.8ºF).
In El Calafate the average annual temperature is 7.5ºC (45.5ºF) and in January, the warmest month, daytime temperatures are usually around 15ºC (59ºF).
Ushuaia has an annual average temperature of 5.7ºC (42ºF). In summer days temperatures are usually around 20ºC (68ºF) and in the mornings and nights are colder (10ºC – 50ºF).

There are daily flights from Buenos Aires. Depending on the day and season you can also get direct flights from Jujuy, Mendoza, Córdoba and Puerto Iguazú.

Salta is considered a safe province, especially in rural areas. Like in any other country, it’s better if you’re cautious in cities (Salta city) and their surroundings.

You won’t regret trying regional meals such as tamales, humitas, casseroles, empanadas and locro.

Salta – Cachi: 165 km.

Cachi – Cafayate: 160 km.

Cafayate – Salta: 200 km.

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